Boredom of the Daleks

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I have not yet actually seen S8E2: Into the Dalek. I'm hoping to catch up tonight. But I do want to talk, in general terms, about my feelings regarding the Daleks as characters and/or plot devices.

I'm really sort of entirely over them. I don't think I would miss them in any way if they were not used for a season. Or five.

I am hard pressed to imagine any truly new ground that could be covered using the Daleks at this point. There's nothing new we could learn about the Daleks at this point that would really be credible.

There's almost nothing new the Daleks can teach us about the Doctor, either. We know the Doctor hates them with a hate that is more than hate. The Doctor is capable of treating some adversaries with a measure of respect and a benefit of doubt (e.g. The Half-Face Man from Deep Breath, whom the Doctor was determined to give a chance to). But the Daleks, the Cybermen, and a few others? Not so much.

We also know already his hatred is kind-of his Achilles heel. Every story that touches on the Time War mentions how the Time Lords had become just as bad as the Daleks, so much so that the Doctor felt justified in ridding the universe of both if that's what it took to end the war, making him exactly as bad as every Dalek ever, with the exception that he actually feels remorse about it.

Well, OK...he only really felt remorse about exterminating his own people, and now he doesn't have to feel that any more. He still really did exterminate an awful lot of Daleks, though, and he seems perfectly fine with that part. So really, the only thing that gives him moral high ground here is that there's only one race (the Daleks) he wants to erase from space and time, not all of them.

As moral high ground goes, though, this is roughly equivalent to the fact that the only hills in eastern North Dakota are overpasses. Reminding us repeatedly that the main character of our story is actually kind of a genocidal maniac is not, in my opinion, all that great an idea.

As near as I can tell, what it comes down to is that either Moffat himself or someone at the BBC who writes his paycheks seems convinced that every single season must include a Dalek story.

At the same time, deconstructing the Doctor has been a favourite pastime of writers since the latter days of the Original Series, and I'm a little bit tired of that, too. I don't mind stories that leave the Doctor an ambivalent character, sometimes more anti-hero than actual hero. I don't need stories that beat me over the head with it. And Dalek stories are never, ever subtle about it.

What I'd really love to see is an entire season in which there were no story arcs that focused on the Doctor or his companion at all. Enough naval gazing about whether or not The Doctor is a "good man". Let his actions speak for themselves and move on already!

And please, no more Daleks. Let them rest for a while. Give us a few years to actually miss them (and to think up something actually new to do with them). The Doctor has access to the entire universe. Surely, he can avoid contact with the Daleks for a couple of years!