The new and improved(?) Radio Free Tomorrow

Considering how flaky I am about blogging in general, you'd think I wouldn't care much what technology I use.

You'd be forgetting that I'm a nerd.

What's more, I'm a nerd who's now working in the web application space. As a result, other people's web-application work is interesting to me.

Which brings us here, to the third or fourth version of Radio Free Tomorrow. This version is based on a combination of the Ghost blogging platform, and the Discourse forum platform. I may blog the technical details of this separately, but the upshot is that Ghost is just a blogging platform, with a lot fewer bells and whistles (but a lot fewer distractions and things that can go wrong) than, say, WordPress; while Discourse is just a forum platform, which can also be used as an embedded commenting system.

It's my hope that the RFT Forum will also become a place where people can discuss nerdy stuff in general, not just stuff I blog about. Because I, for one, hate Facebook and don't find it a good, civil place to discuss anything at all, ever.

Because both of these platforms are new, and I'm new to administering them, there may be some glitches right at the start. Please let me know via e-mail at unclemikey at gmail dot com or via a post on the forum if you see Really Weird Behaviour.

Meanwhile, welcome to the new asylum.